Wanna stay injury free?

Preventing injury is the key to be able to run day in and day and reach your goal. Here comes 10 different tips and tricks which will help you staying injury free.

1. Sleep more. Your body recovers while your sleeping and it is impossible to recover in 6 hours of sleep. The optimal is about 10 hours a day. It can be hard to fit so many hours if you got a busy life, but it should not be any less then 8 hours a night. If you want to prevent or get rid of an injury you should consider more sleep.

2. Have the right pair of shoes. As everyone runs different and have a different footstrike, there is no perfect running shoe for everyone. That’s why you should think out for your self what kind of runner you are and check out the shoes at the review page and see if there is any shoe which fits your type of running. You can check out the big yellow button down below. If you want to no what you should look for in a running shoe you should check out the big purple button down below. Lastly, if you want to no if you area neutral or stability runner check out the big orange button down below.

3. Change your shoes frequently. When you feel that your shoes start to feel different then what they did when you bought them, it’s probably time to change. It usually takes about 250 miles or 400 km, but it depends of course on which shoe you are running in. Shoes are there to help you not hurt. It should not feel like your running on a rock, then you’re at least sure you need to change shoes.

4. Stretch. This is not the most important one because you can survive without it but it certainly helps. It’s quite easy to look up different exercises on the internet. If you happen to have a foam roller laying around somewhere in your home its a big plus but if you don’t you just can check out the big red button down below. OK, the benefit of stretching is that you are losing up your muscles which you have been tensing up during your entire run

5. Get a better technique. It’s probably the most important one of them all. You can read more about it by pressing the big green button down below

6. Read more books. Check out the big blue button below if you want to read more books about running. This doesn’t have much to do with how to stay injury free but you can check it out anyways.

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