Nike Epic React Flyknit

Nike Epic React Flyknit

The Nike Epic React Flyknit is nice. It’s a neutral road running shoe with Nikes react foam and Flyknit upper. They are also crazy good looking. Let’s get into the pros and cons.


1. STYLE: I can start with just mentioning how beautiful they are. Definitely among the sexiest shoes on the market. This won’t make a huge difference while running unless you’re a beauty queen who can’t run without looking fabulous. You can also use them as your everyday shoes if you want.

2. DURABILITY: The react foam is remarkable. You can run 300 miles in these shoes and it will only feel as if you have run 20 miles. React is definitely one of the most long-lasting cushioning technologies and does not bottom out after a couple of miles which outer cushioning technologies tend to do.

3. Value: The value you will get for $102 is pretty insane. A long lasting shoe, good looking shoe,
comfortable shoe and you will even be able to were it as your everyday shoe. That’s amazing.

4. Comfort: If comfort is one of your main criteria for a running shoe this should be one of your daily trainers. The react foam is not only durable, but it’s also comfortable. It’s nothing you should compare too Zoomx, but it is defiantly doing the job. A bonus to this is its responsiveness which gives you an extra bounce-effect when leaving the ground. The last amazing part about this shoe is the upper. It has a socklike fit without any pressure points from the lases or anything. The upper can be snug and hard in the first few days but they will almost melt around your foot over time.

5. Breathability: There are like small holes in the Flyknit which makes it possible to run in any weather condition unless it’s really cold.


1. Traction: These shoes can be very slippery. I’m recommending to not run in the rain with these and I believe it comes from the outsole rubber which only covers a bit in the heel and a bit in the forefoot. As the rubber only is covering a small bit in the front and in the back the react foam starts to tear up a bit. Fortunately enough it’s only a visual problem and it’s nothing you will feel while running.

2. Heel cup: The heel cup was only a problem in the fit few days. It had a weird fit and just felt weird. It is basically the same story as with the upper.

3. Unstable: As the upper is is so comfortable it is also a bit loose. This will make it harder to take on tight turns. This is not a huge struggle but something you should be aware of. Just keep running forwards.

4. Hard to get on: This is another problem which only lasted for a few days. So there is not much to worry about when it comes to the getting in your foot.

Conclusion: This is an overall great shoe and it is in my opinion worth buying. It is best suited for runners who run races between 10k and half-marathons. As it is a neutral shoe it suites neutral runners landing on the forefoot. It won’t make a difference if your a heel striker but just try to land on your forefoot to prevent injuries better. Have a nice ride. If you are interested it would help a lot if you would use the link or button wish says BUY HERE! Thank you

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