Why you should have a good pair of running shoes

Having a good pair of running shoes are essential if you want to run injury free, especially if you are just starting out running. There are so many ways a good pair of running shoes is different from a bad pair. That’s why you should invest in a new pair not buy. 
What you should look for in a new pair of running shoes is first how the will make your running more efficient and second how it will prevent you from injury. What I mean with an efficient running shoe is if the shoe is built for your type of running. It can depend on if you run fast or slow, much or not, road or trail, neutral or not. There are a whole bunch of factors which play a roll if a shoe is right for you or not. It will eventually cut off some time from your pace without the right equipment. And then there is also how the shoe will prevent you from injury. The main factor why you would get injured is due to a bad running technique or because you’re new to running. But even do injuries come mainly from bad technique,  you can still have how the shoe will prevent you from injury in mind when you are choosing your running shoe. By looking at following factors you will be able to choose the right shoe. Does it have enough cushioning in the forefoot so it won’t hurt? Does it have a breathable upper? Does it enough support in the toe box, so you won’t slip around? Does it have enough padding around the heel (not for everyone)? Do you feel the laces rub onto your feet?

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